About - Ashley Baldini

This is me!


A little about me. My husband, 2 daughters, and I live in Louisville, KY. I love photography, music, and hiking. Most of my free time is spent in one of the three ways and usually includes family and friends. I first started my journey into adulthood as an elementary music teacher - one of the best jobs on this planet. I became a stay at home mom after having my first daughter in September 2014.

My love of photography started at a very young age with a Polaroid camera (old fashion instant satisfaction)!  I perfected the selfie, before a selfie was a thing and it was tough, there was no screen telling me if I was actually in the frame!

I cherish the photos I have of my family.  I love seeing photos of my grandparents, parents and even looking back just a few years ago of photos of my kids.  I want to capture the moments that mean everything to you.  I want to provide photos that last a lifetime and are passed on for generations to come.  

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